Hotel to Home

The Cavalier Hotel is a 21- acre landmark built in the mid-1920s. The purpose of the hotel was to put Virginia Beach on the map by becoming a notorious icon, which it successfully accomplished. After many years living a rich history of hosting celebrity guests and United States Presidents, the Cavalier Hotel fell into disrepair. When the hotel was put up for auction in 2013, Cavalier Associates, LLC purchased the hotel to save the historic icon and return it to its former glory. After four and a half years of grueling restorations, the resort was ready to reopen again. The property now includes 81 residential homes, the historic hotel, restaurants, a spa, a distillery, a beach club, and other modern resort-style amenities. Today, the Cavalier Residences is home to many and continues to build a legacy of luxury and class.

Living in Luxury

The Cavalier Residences hosts a wide variety of home types fitting any homeowner’s needs, including Estate Homes, Cottage Homes, Brownstones, Carriage Homes, and Bungalows. Whether you come for the luxurious amenities, the state-of-the-art houses, or the resort’s rich history, the Cavalier Residences community welcomes you.